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Where do today’s and tomorrow’s qualified workforce prefer to work and live?

It is a question that many municipalities, regions, investors and employers are asking themselves – now that talent shortage is greater than ever throughout many industries.

Talent City Index report was created to investigate and benchmark how cities rank against each other in the fierce competition for skilled workforce, to be used as a tool and guidance to improve a city’s attractiveness and retention power.

Current countries – More countries coming soon! Is yours next?


BREAKING: 2024 Swedish 2.0 version live now (In Swedish).
Curious about the data? Download the English version of the 2023 Sweden report for free!

Talent City Index provides your municipality, region, or business with answers to these questions:

What are the primary attraction factors in your city or region for skilled workforce? What are the weaknesses that need to be developed or communicated better?

Among which professional and age groups is your city or region most attractive? And least attractive? Which other cities are competing for the same target audience?

How likely is it that your region will lose residents? What factors explain why people choose to stay in their current location?

What are the most important motivators for relocation? What obstacles does the target audience encounter? How do these motivators differ between those who work and those who study, as well as between different age and professional groups?

Where do different professional and age groups prefer to live and work? For example, where do those in IT, healthcare, education, and engineering prefer to live and work?


Two different reports available,
based on your needs


In addition to the free version, the report is available in two different paid versions. These provide you with specific insights and knowledge, which are directly useful for creating new strategies and efforts to increase the attractiveness of your place, and to make investment decisions.


The Analysis Report

For those who want to understand your city's ranking from the free report on a deeper level. If you want to be able to compare the attraction factors of different locations, and to gain insights into what driving forces the different target groups within skilled workforce have, can order the Talent City Index - Analysis Report.



Incl. presentation of the report. Workshop can be added.


The City Region Report

For those who want to understand:

Your city region's position and attraction profile, as well as which attraction factors are strong and which ones need more developing.


The potential for your city region to attract the target groups and what risks exist in terms of population loss.

Your potential to attract different target groups, and how the different target groups perceive your place.


Who your competitors are, and how to best differentiate yourself from them

We will also be able to tailor the report according to your location's specific target audiences, and the specific needs and challenges you want to gain insights on.



Incl. presentation of the report. Workshop can be added.


Municipalities, regions and public organisations

Especially those who work with talent attraction, moving in, place branding, economic development, investment promotion and regional development.

Employers with strong location dependency

and/or operations in several locations in a country, and who want to be able to compare the attractiveness of those locations, or make an investment decision around a certain location.

Real estate operators & investor​s

who operate in several different locations in a country, and who want to be able to compare the attractiveness between several locations and make an investment decisions around those locations.



Marcus Andersson

VD, Future Place Leadership


Norrsken House
Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C

113 56 Stockholm


Thank you!

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